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AT Surgical company specializing in Orthopedic brace, supports, and healthcare materials from soft goods. Since 1975 AT Surgical has been manufacturing orthopedic braces, supports, food products, and healthcare products. We sell to customers around the US including Sweden, Germany, and Singapore. About 5 years ago I started to market the service of making sample products for our new customers, offering short and long runs of proprietary products outside my base products in health. This business has been growing. Its also important to note that due to the flexibility of making products when orders come in rather than sitting on inventory, we generally have more material available to make a larger quantity because the material is available. Sometimes these new cut and sew customers do well and continue to order their products from us. Consider the variety of products from dog training toys, large tote bags, linen dining runners, napkins, etc, horse cooling devices, mobility devices for seniors, children’s clothing to name a few.

Maine Anti-Gravity Systems

Maine Anti Gravity Systems is a company devoted to helping the medical community with assisted walking and gait training.  We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of  suspension harnesses to accomplish this goal. The 695 SHBD MAGS Suspension Vest is a safe and reliable suspension harness for assisted walking, unweighting therapy, gait training, stroke and spinal chord rehabilitation.  Using a patented “Chinese Finger Trap” methodology, the MAGS Vest grips the torso and hips when upward force is applied.  Evenly distributed pressure keeps the harness in place with the most comfortable fit.  Easy to put on and take off, the MAGS Harness allows the therapist more treatment time.  With more sizes to choose from, the MAGS Harness System offers the best range of treatment options. 

We also offer Pediatric Vests. 



We identify the machines and needleworkers necessary to manufacture your prototype and familiarize ourselves with the design, determining the materials, resources, and expertise required.


We depart from discovery with the first draft of your prototype. It is from here that we fine-tune the product, honing the design, materials, and methods until the product is ready for production.


We develop the cost-per-unit, accounting for time, materials & overhead, to arrive at your production cost and go to work on your first order. Need advice on pricing, branding, or marketing? We can assist.

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Ring Tug: What started out as a magazine for canine agility training became a movement when Clean Run entered the eCommerce space and began selling the products their staff and their doggos know and love.


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Travel Bag: RILOS AND MIMI started with one mom reselling products on eBay. When she got to know the market, she identified a niche and hired is to develop a prototype. We manufacture their line of snack bags.


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AT Surgical has been manufacturing our medical suspension harnesses for close to 30 years. They have done a fantastic job with no quality control issues. The service is excellent with timely delivery. They offer fulfillment services, ship around the world for us and, continue to update our devcices to keep current in the marketplace.

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There are other pole dance knee pads out there, but only Bee's Knees has it all: hook and loop straps, removable pad inserts, breathable compression mesh, inclusive skin colors, and a range of sizes.



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